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Institutional and industrial construction

We have completed a number of tailor-made workshops and production halls for industrial use, and expanded or modified existing spaces for our customers. We carry out extensions and alterations with minimal disruption, without interrupting the customer's production processes.

In recent years, we have been heavily involved in various plant construction projects in close cooperation with environmental consultancy firm Watrec Oy, collectively completing biogas plants at Vampula, Kuopio and Honkajoki, as well as a waste water treatment plant at Honkajoki.

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JH-Pesuhuollot Oy, wash facility

Contract type: turnkey contract.

A heavy-duty washing facility in an industrial area at Jokilevo, Huittinen. 600 m² area. Completed 2011.

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Kieku Oy, expansion of an egg packing facility

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Pelti-Pori Oy, industrial hall frame

Contract type: steel frame delivery.

Industrial hall frame and installation thereof in Mikkola, Pori, in late summer 2019.

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Isojoen Konehalli Oy, warehouse extension

Contract type: turnkey contract.

Extension of IKH warehouse at Kauhajoki, completed in autumn 2019. The extension covers an area of 5,415 m².

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Westas Pihlava Oy, sawn goods shelter

Contract type: building contract.

In summer 2019, we built a sawn goods shelter at Pihlava in Pori. A year ago, we constructed an extension for a sorting and packaging facility on the same plot; in 2019, our co-operation with Westas continued with this 1,600m² shelter.

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Suomen Viljava Oy, fourth grain storage in Loviisa

Contract type: turnkey contract.

In 2018, a fourth grain storage with an area of 2,400m² was built next to the three existing ones at the Valko harbour in Loviisa. In all, the storages in the area can now hold 50,000 metric tons of wheat.

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Suomen Viljava Oy, three grain storages

Contract type: turnkey contract.

Three grain storages were built to the Valko harbour in Loviisa, with the total area of one hectare and the capacity of 40,000 metric tons of wheat. The storages were ready to receive grain in early autumn 2017.

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Pyrolysis plant in Nokia

Contract type: building contract.

The pyrolysis plant of Taaleri Kiertoketju Oy processes rubber and plastic granules. The plant was completed in summer 2017.

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Hämeen Kolarikeskus Oy, Vehicle repair shop extension

Contract type: building contract.

Vehicle repair shop extension 910m², completed in summer 2017.

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Riihimäki Biorefinery

Contracting type: building contract / equipment supply.

The construction work on the plant started in the late summer of 2015, and the work was completed in autumn 2016. The plant processes municipal wastewater, bio-waste and the underflow of mixed waste. Konepaja Survonen produced and installed seven containers for the plant with a combined capacity of approx. 12 250 m³. The plant is owned by Gasum Biotehdas Oy and its waste handling capacity is 75 000 tonnes per year. This plant is a part of Ekokem Oy's Circular Economy Village project.

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Suomen Viljava Oy, heating facility

Contract type: building contract

The heating facility, located in Koria, was completed in late summer 2016.

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Kieku Oy, expansion of an egg packing facility

Contract type: turnkey contract

Expansion of an egg packing facility located in Loimaa in summer 2015.

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Oulu biogas plant

Contract type: building contract/equipment supply.

Construction work on a biogas plant in the Rusko industrial area of Oulu began in 2014. The plant began operational in the spring of 2015.

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Extension of Honkajoki waste water treatment plant

Contract type: building contract/equipment supply.

Extension work on a waste water treatment plant owned by Honkajoki Oy was carried out during 2014.

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Kuopio biogas plant

Contract type: building contract/equipment supply.

Construction at the Kuopio biogas plant began in the summer of 2013. The plant became operational in the spring of 2014.

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Honkajoki biogas plant

Contract type: building contract/equipment supply.

Construction of the Honkajoki biogas plant began in late 2013. The plant was completed and became operational in the late summer of 2014. The plant is the third biogas plant built by the company, and is identical to the Kuopio plant.

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Juha Kuosmanen, workshop

Contract type: building contract.

A workshop building in Lauha, Huittinen. A 450 m² workshop was completed in 2012.

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Mäkilä Saha Ay, sawmill

Contract type: turnkey contract.

The Mäkilän Saha sawmill at Pöytyä was completed in 2011. The sawmill building has an area of 3000 m².

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Veljekset Mäkitalo Oy, workshop

Contract type: turnkey contract.

A workshop building in an industrial area of Huittinen. The 600 m² building was completed in 2011.

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Huittisten Kylmävarasto Oy, warehouse

Contract type: turnkey contract.

A 450 m² washing facility for root vegetables was completed in Huittinen in 2010.

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Contract type: building contract/equipment supply.

Our first biogas plant was completed at Vampula in 2010.

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