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Workshop Deliveries


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YIT Rakennus Oy, Hiekkaharju water tower, Vantaa

Facade steel structure contract.

We carried out the workshop design, manufacture, and installation of water tower facade steel structures, as well as installation of stairs inside the column.

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YIT Rakennus Oy, Raahe water tower

Facade steel structure contract.

We carried out the workshop design, manufacture, and installation of water tower facade steel structures in autumn 2018.

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Port of Helsinki, upper ramp at the West Terminal ferry berth LJ7

The upper ramp manufactured for the Port of Helsinki and installed at its West Terminal, has a total mass of approx. 200 tonnes and a lenght of approx. 100 m. The ramp consists of five separate segments. The contract also included hydraulics and automation work. The ramp was completed in December 2016.

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Dragon Mining Oy, belt conveyor system

Delivery of a belt conveyor system to Sastamala mine.


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YIT Rakennus Oy, Huittinen water tower

Production and installation of a stair tower, spiral staircase, railings and acid-proof steel ladders for Huittinen water tower.

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Steel shell structures

Several projects all over Finland.

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Service and maintenance operations

Clients include Talvivaara Mining company, Veljekset Mäkitalo and Lohja Rudus.

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Wind turbines

Several projects all over Finland.
Wind turbine tower structures weighing between 10 and 20 tonnes.

Wind turbines for Lännen Lintu Oy
Two 15 m and 40 t tower extension pieces.

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Feeder for Juvan Bioson Oy

A chicken manure feeder designed, manufactured and installed by Konepaja Survonen.

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Secondary hopper for Yara Suomi Oy

A secondary hopper designed, manufactured and installed by Konepaja Survonen for the Siilinjärvi production unit.

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Several projects. Sizes range from 1 m³ to 5000 m³.
Designed to meet the client's needs and the intended purpose.

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